Simple ASCII Manipulation in C++ (UVa 458)

1JKJ’pz’{ol’{yhklthyr’vm’{ol’Jvu{yvs’Kh{h’Jvywvyh{pvu5 That’s a bit ugly, isn’t it? It’s actually an encoded message. Decoded, it says: *CDC is the trademark of the Control Data Corporation. Encoding messages can be useful for protecting your message from those who don’t know the algorithm to decode it. This encoding is a rather simple one using ASCII manipulation. By adding/subtracting …


Stack Overflow Launched 5 Years Ago

I’m a bit late to posting this, but Stack Overflow launched 5 years ago. If you’re on my blog, it’s likely you already know what Stack Overflow is. If not, it’s a wonderful question-and-answer site for programmers that allows beginner developers to interact with experts and get the answers to the questions they need. What’s …


Pokédex for Android Updates

Since my last post on Friday, I’ve pushed two updates to Pokédex for Android (the most recent update was pushed just now, so it might take a bit to show up). The first was to fix the bug that prevented images from showing up. The second was to fix a few more bugs, including the …


FMDB for iOS Development

If you find yourself working directly with SQLite in Objective C…stop. It works, but it’s messy and not ideal. Instead, I recommend using FMDB (Flying Meat Database…yeah…). It hugely simplifies SQLite interaction, which will save you hours of frustration in the long run. Here’s a link to a simple tutorial with example code.